Welcome! I’m niba and these are my notes!

I am a Genetics PhD Candidate at Duke University studying how plants express genes in order to grow. My doctoral research uses a synthetic biology approach to understand stem cell genetics in development, performed with the guidance of Professor Philip Benfey, PhD

As an intersectional individual, I emphasize work in diversity and inclusivity. I was born and raised in California to Indian immigrant parents and am immensely thankful for the influence of both cultures in my life.

It all started with a journal…

Since 2014, I have been journaling and creating notes about beauty through science - which are now being shared with the world! I love all things style (fashion, makeup, skincare) and biology (especially plants!) I write in a physical journal, share photos on Instagram, and create videos on YouTube. Outside of lab, I model and enjoy breaking stereotypes for people of color, women, and scientists.

Academic Summary

Throughout my entire life, I have loved to explore. Prior to college, I volunteered at the Ardenwood Historic Farm, 9 Lives Cat Foundation (please consider donating!), and worked in the Kaiser Permanente Hospital surgical ward.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Genomics at University of California, Davis while also completing a minor in Diversity Studies (emphasis in Asian American) and in Toxicology. During my four years of college, I worked as a Beckman Scholar with Professor Siobhan Brady, PhD in the Brady lab of Plant Biology and Genetics.

After completing my undergraduate, I joined Duke University and the Biology department. I recently completed my preliminary exam (equivalent of a Master’s) and am now a PhD Candidate.

You can learn more about my research here and more about me here. For questions, comments, concerns, collaborations, please use the contact form.